There are some rules

Project X doesn’t work for but with idea-creators.

We are not an investment company, a broker, a development studio or a production agency. We do not accept orders from idea-creators. We often say ‘no’ to an idea, because it’s not in our line, we can’t spare the time at the moment or our expectations regarding that idea are low. If we like the idea we shall – together with the creator of the idea – investigate whether his/her concept is feasible. If necessary we will introduce it to a client. So idea-creators will be treated on terms of equality. Neither Project X nor the idea-creator is leading.

The idea remains the property of the idea-creator.

Without your permission Project X doesn’t do anything with your idea. So, even when we decide to enter it into our database, it remains your property. Your name and the date when you gave it to Project X will be recorded together with your idea. If a client shows interest in your idea or if we decide to make it a project later on, we shall never use the idea without your permission. This also applies when a customer is interesting in buying the idea, using it under licence or for us to work it out.

The reward for the idea-creator.

As soon as a client of Project X itself is interested in an idea, a reward will be arranged with the idea-creator. This might be redemption money, a share, a royalty-agreement etc.